Master of Computer Science

Gain expertise and accelerate your career.

Master of Computer Science

Gain expertise and accelerate your career.

The Master of Computer Science is designed to provide advanced and in-depth knowledge and skills in both artificial intelligence and data science to students which can be applied in research or industrial fields. Graduates of this program are competent to define, formulate and direct scientific research and technology development in most advanced areas of ICT (Information and Communications Technology).

Why Master of Computer Science?

Pursuing in Master of Computer Science at Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT) can offer advantages and opportunities as follows:

      • Growing Demand for Skills
      • Career Opportunities
      • Innovation and Research Opportunities
      • Skill Development
      • Networking Opportunities
      • Addressing Real-World Challenges
      • Internship and Ph.D. scholarship opportunities

Learning Outcomes/Skills

Learning outcomes and skills after graduation:

      • Programming 
      • Statistical and Mathematical Foundation
      • Data Handling and Preprocessing
      • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
      • Data Visualization
      • Natural Language Processing
      • AI for Data Science and Computer Vision
      • Ethical Consideration
      • Research Methodology
      • Communication
      • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Program Information

      • Class: Full-time, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 16:30 pm
      • Language of Instruction: English/Khmer
      • Duration: 6 trimesters (2 years) – 12 weeks (maximum) / trimester
      • Location: Bridge 2, National Road 6A, Sangkat Prek Leap, Khan Chroy, Phnom Penh

Job Opportunities & Other Opportunities

      • Job opportunities at CADT, MPTC and partner companies
      • Job opportunities in various companies (local and international)
      • Ph.D. scholarship

Career Path

      • Academic Research Path: produce qualified graduates able to continue with PhD study, and follow a teaching/researcher career
      • Some students may choose R&D and Innovation Path: produce qualified graduates able to pursue careers in applied research and innovation in private sector (companies, startups)

Contact Information


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Explor your roadmap now!


Important Date
Start Application: 14th February 2024
Close Application: 31 March 2024
Start Academic Year: 6th May 2024

    1. Requirements
      • A copy of Passport or National Identification Card
      • CV and motivation letter
      • A copy of Bachelor of Computer Science or related fields
      • Copies of transcripts from year 1 to final year (average GPA of 3.0 or higher)
      • English level, IELTS at least 5.0 or other equivalent certificates
    2. Applicants
      • Anyone holding bachelor computer science or related fields
    3. Application Process
      • Apply
      • Wait for notice of shortlist
      • If you are accepted (Shortlisted):
        Call for Interview
    4. Interview and Admission Process
      • Announce result of interview
      • Start administration process


      Program Curriculum

       Year 1

    Trimester 1


    1. Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms

    2. Mathematics for Computer Science

    3. IT Project Management

    4. Probability, Statistic, and Math for Machine Learning

    5. Ethics and Societal Aspects

    6. Research Methodology and Experimental Evaluation

    7. Colloquium 


    Trimester 2


    1. Fundamental of Machine Learning

    2. Python for Data Science

    3. Computer Vision

    4. Data Engineering and Management

    5. Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship

    6. Soft Skills

    7. Colloquium 


    Trimester 3


    1. Information Visualization ​

    2. Advanced Machine Learning

    3. Large-Scale Data Management and Distributed Systems

    4. Human System Interaction

    5. Advanced Artificial Intelligence

    6. Colloquium 

       Year 2

    Trimester 4


    1. Natural Language Processing

    2. Multi-Agent Systems

    3. Advanced Data Science

    4. GPU Computing

    5. Colloquium


    Trimester 5+6



    Thesis/Internship/Entrepreneurship Project