Front of the school building 

            Today we gonna show you the overall CADT environment that you can spend time visiting and enjoying with the specials place at CADT. So let’s come up with the first place in front of the Institute of Digital Technology building where students have to study. This courtyard is wide and has a lot of trees with a flagpole that students can salute. The atmosphere is fresh and less noise from the traffic. That is the reason that students feel good about their studying.

Behind the school building

             If we look back behind the school building, we can see 2 buildings one is standing in the back and the other one is on the right-hand side of the back. The one in the back is the Innovation Center which is a building for the Institute of Digital Research and Innovation. The one on the right-hand side is the ICT Tech Center which is a building for the Institute of Digital Governance. That is the beauty of the whole courtyard.

our environment   our environment

Surround the courtyard 

           When we take a look around the courtyard, we can see a lot of trees with green grass that makes you fall in love with nature. Not only this we also have a canteen that you can enjoy with your food and drink and also enjoy with your work. Students can spend their free time with the library of CADT which brings them knowledge of technology and Khmer culture. There students can also enjoy reading with the river landscape through the clear glass that is a wall of the Innovation Center.

our environment   our environment

          In the afternoon we always see most of the students go to the courtyard in front of the ICT Tech Center to read books, write code, discussion on their projects or assignment, and meet with their friends. Not only this CADT also provides a place for students to sit after class that is in the building.

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