A day of a student at CADT (Ep1)

Time to study

           Hi, dear, I am a student of CADT. I always get up at 5:30mn in the morning, eat breakfast, prepare to go to school at 7:30mn, and then arrive at school at 8:10mn to prepare to salute the flag before class. Generally, we study for a whole day, which lasts between 5 to 6 hours. And for another day we spend less than 6 hours studying based on subjects that cover the major that we have chosen. After finishing class, the lecturer always gives us some homework, assignments, or project to do as a group or individually. So everyone can enjoy learning and practicing their work with the team at the library, in the garden, or in class. In my free time, I also love researching and doing my homework as much as possible at home.

CADT Uniform 

           At CADT all student allow to wearing free style for joining in class. The reason that school allow students to use free style because it is easy for students to have comfortable feeling and feel good in their studying, this is a special point that I appreciated because students can use their style to show about their style. By this students can save their money for daily spending. It is really good for students that have a property money for spending.

Joining with club of students

             As a students at CADT you have lots of opportunity like join club of student association in order to do some project of school in order to get new experience of study life. In this club they can share the knowledge of digital with each other and build team to create something new for school and team. It can help students to focus on career that they love by practice step by step on their work.

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