Media Club

         Media Club stays in a group of a student association that was created by CADT student and aim to collect all students who are passionate about creating something new in the media field to build a community of creative idea with creative person. 

1. Building Team
         It is a difficult time that you must find people or friends to join your team, in this situation, you need to find people who have the same goal as you with their commitment. Make sure that they have a commitment to your project and also the work on each task in your project.

2. Creating New ideas 
        When we talk about creating new ideas, it relates to finding new ideas from everywhere offline and on the internet. Because each member always has different ideas, this is the reason that we have to allow all of our members to provide their ideas to collect all of the possible ideas that can be the best solutions for some parts of the project. Finding out about something that currently happens in society and around the world, can be a good way to ideation. Researching the internet base on the specific problem also can help to find lots of good ideas for consideration. Not only this spending time to think about something in detail with a suitable place do help you on this step too.

3. Learning about Tool
       Learning about some important tool like  all adobe like photoshop, illustrator and so on. It is very important for you to use it to create a good result of media like edit photo, create poster, design template and more. Not only this there are a lot of tool on the internet that we can use through online is also powerful for you to play around with it.