Study Journey at CADT

We are proud of her achievements and effort in her studies. If you are a student interested in IT academy, you can learn and find out about this sharing experience from our students. 

The Unique of CADT

Unique is a point that is different from others, Today we are going to introduce you to an academy that provides the best quality of studying

Find Yourself

Nodaway some people still complain about this because of some busy work that affects to their daily lives, especially decision-making. The improvement of everything around them

Oriented of Career

If we think about career-oriented, we can start to think about some steps to develop it. It is not something that everyone has, so it takes…

Digital Business

Overall About Digital       The development of Technology is moving so fast daily that is the point that we should consider as a citizen who lives in this generation. Creating a new thing that proceeds by using technology is increasing more and more in the world. New...

Action in Back-End course

IDT Football Club

IDT football club is a team of students who studying at CADT and they also as a student association at CADT. The reason that creating this club because of as a student who studying about technology, it might be stressful sometimes. This is a way that students at CADT...

Music Club

The music club is a group of students who share a passion for music and want to learn more about it.

Cooking Club

Cooking Club

Taekwondo Club

Taekwondo Club aims to make students who love this sport join and practice. This sport helps students to prevent themselves from physical abuse and have good health too. Taekwondo is a sport that allows students use to their feet and hand a lot to make them strong...

Traditional Dance Club

Traditional Dance Club

English Club

English Club

Media Club

                          Media Club stays in a group of a student association that was created by CADT student and aim to collect all students who are passionate about creating something new in the media field to build a community of creative idea with creative...

Robotic Club

Robotic Club