Why do you need to study at CADT?

 Unique is a point that is different from others!

           When you finish school you might be looking for a good university to continue your studies, it is a difficult time for students to consider. Because it is a part of decision-making that leads your dream to come true. Nowadays technology is really important for almost sectors because it can help to reduce some complex things of living in a modern life. For example, doing business, software developer, telecom & network, Security, and more. These all are the need of everyone so, it has become the need of the job market which need people who understand and know about technology to manage and control the process of work. Today we are going to introduce you to an academy that provides the best quality of studying technology skills called CADT, which provides you with such as:

  • Requires entrance exam0
  • Provide scholarship that special for girl
  •  Student loan
  • Duration of studying only 3 years a half
  • Provide 2 times internship
  • Have a strong partnership with both local & global company
  • Qualified lecturers with high experience in lecturing
  • Have good equipment for learning and researching
  • Get advanced teaching and learning methods
  • Is an academy that stays under the ministry of Posts and Telecom

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