The way to know yourself clearly


           When you were a child, you might not be used to thinking about your life a lot because you are just a baby or kid who is looked after by your parents and family. They always teach you about living and educate you about what they used to know and learn. All advice that you provide aims to see you become a good person in your life. They never want something from you, they just want you to be an educated person in your society. This is the reason that you must pay attention to them when you are growing up. But when you grow up you need to learn how to live without your parents, because one day they will leave you. It is a rule of nature that we cannot complain about. The important thing is how you know about yourself, like what is your dream. What is your favorite? What do you want to be in the future?  

1. What does it mean to find yourself? 

           The meaning of find yourself refers to understanding yourself clearly. It talks about how you know about yourself through your activities or something else. When you know everything about your life, like your career, food, lifestyle, etc. This means you know yourself more clearly than others and know how to find what you want. 


2. How can you find yourself?

         Nodaway some people still complain about this because of some busy work that affect to their daily lives especially decision making. The improvement of everything around them can make it difficult to know clearly about what they really want in life. If you want to know how to find yourself, you should be able to consider about some points: 

  • Try to explore new things. 
  • Do not stay near negative people. 
  • Using online test on your personality 
  • Spending time on yourself to find out what you need. 
  • Getting advice from other people or events. 
  • Try to ask some questions to yourself about what you feel confused. 

3. What are the benefits of finding yourself? 

      When you can find yourself, you will get a lot of benefit because you will become a grown-up person that can live your own life and define yourself where you want to go and who you want to live with and so on. But not just only this you also need to know more benefit of it: 

  • Your life has well prepared  
  • Do your work with your potential ability. 
  • Get what you really want. 
  • You are more special than other people.  
  • Have happiness in your life.

4. What are the challenges of finding yourself?

          Before achieving something there are a lot of challenges that we face. So, finding yourself right to face some problems like fear of exploring new things that you never know before, having a lot of choices to choose from, lack of understanding about news updating, and Difficult to adapt new situations. 

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