Overall About Digital

      The development of Technology is moving so fast daily that is the point that we should consider as a citizen who lives in this generation. Creating a new thing that proceeds by using technology is increasing more and more in the world. New technologies like automation, IoT, robotics, and so on were created every day and everywhere. Nowadays digital play is an important thing in almost all sectors that can lead to technology updating. If we look at some sectors like commerce, agriculture, education, financial service, and so on have moved some parts proceed to digital to adopt new transforming of technology in real life. Because it is improving and growing in our society, it is necessary to adapt all this knowledge of digital and technology. So in our daily life, we should know about technology to make our life better in the digital industry.

Why is it important nowadays?

        The reason that digital is important nowadays is that it can help people with many things that make it easier than before. Because of the need of almost sectors and people go through with that, it is a point that people should learn and understand about it because they can use it for themselves and others by creating a new business or another service to solve some social problem and earn money. One more thing when people know digital or technology in their daily life, the country that they live in is also developing more and more base on their citizens. Because seeing the importance of digital in our real life like this is why CADT brought a major in Digital Business to full fill the need of people and society nowadays.

Hobby and Interest

      The important thing you need to know is if you should learn Digital Business or not. If you are a student or a person who just interested in this field you maybe want to know is if your hobby is fit for this major or not. To understand the hobby that should study in this major, first, we have to think about whether are people who like learning new things or not. love something related to business or not? love creative ideas and creating them or not? do you like commerce, entrepreneurship, or not? do you love competition or not? this is all that you should ask yourself before deciding to study this major

Benefit Gain

       What you get from learning this major as a person in this field, is you will become a person who works closely with digital and technology and be able to work related to the website, social media, designing, systems, business, and entrepreneur, too. You know what relates to the business a lot like financial, marketing, entrepreneurship, and so on. You can create a business by using technology both products and services on the internet base on your knowledge.

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