1. Start  

     After I finished the exam of grade 12, I got a scholarship from the exam of NIPTICT that scholarships provide 4 years of studying for free in payment for studying. When I started in NIPTICT I chose to major in E-commerce as my bachelor’s degree. At the first, I was extremely excited about studying some new and special subjects, but I also felt difficulty with some subjects like coding, math, and statistics. Because it is our first time at university so, some problems that happen to us are simple things, but when we study day by day it is not a problem anymore.

Starting is not easy, it needs effort and hard work to fight some obstacles that try to stop us from our success. I think that sometimes all these obstacles are not your obstacles, but you might face some other obstacles that are different from mine.  

2. During 

     After the foundation year has been completed, we became second or third-year students at our university. It is also difficult for us to commit again because we must do more things with high responsibility and sometimes also deal with some problems that you become a person who has problem-solving skills. In this term what you need to pay attention to the most is finding out about yourself and what you want to be in the future. This is a time that you must prepare yourself to be ready for the journey of choosing a career. The main 3 things that you should focus on during this situation are: 

  • Focus on a subject that fits with the major that you considering 
  • Prepare yourself to be a qualified people 
  • Improve your ability more

3. Nearly finish 

    When you nearly finish your studying, you might feel like you lost something. Why I say that is the reason is you have a few friends, you think you spend a lot of money from your family, you might lose away​ ​​​or people who did not know where they should go, you might get some pressure from your new job or new people around you and so on. These are all feelings that always happen to students in this situation, but if you allow those feelings to control you, you will get hurt and stressed by this. I know it is not easy, but we must change our minds on this problem by trying to find a company or other place that we believe in and be ready for our job to be successful in the studying that we spend for 4 years. 

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