Impact of Digital Media on our Society, future and Life

      Have you ever join workshop or seminar?  when you join what have you learnt from it? because of the improvement of digital and technology nowadays that why we need to try to learn and catch up the new updating, especially what you see almost everyday but you never know or understand like how does it work or something else?  So, this is the reason that IDT always provide the weekly seminar to all students every week by speakers that have a lot of experience on their working on the journey like Start-up community, Company, and people who work relate to technology almost sectors that have lots of experience on their job to share some knowledge to all students.

      Our speaker today is Mr. Sopheak Chheng who is a video and content creator that is very famous in Cambodia. He is talking about his journey from the first step about creating video till now that can say it becomes a good opportunity for him to earn money from this work and also talk about some struggles that he faced with at that time in order to motivate everyone who interest in this job do not give up on your journey. Not only this our students that used to involve in this work or interesting in it, they also ask some questions to the speaker about the doubt in their mind.

  Impact of Digital media Impact of Digital media Impact of Digital media Impact of Digital media Digital Digital