The problem that you meet frequently before studying at university 

1. Lake of finding information 

           After finishing high school, students always look for a university to continue their studies, or some of them look for a job to work by using their skills and knowledge. So, it is time to find some information about where they must go, and something related to their major. Being a new student at this level is not easy to adapt to because they do not know where they should find that information. Sometimes, they can find some information, but they do not know if it is right or wrong, so it is difficult for them to make sure of what they have found. Because of this reason, it can make some students late for their studies. 

To solve this problem students should do some important things: 

  • Research a lot about the major through search engines like Google, Google Scholar, YouTube, and social networking to make sure that you have researched it has the same meaning and have support from other sources that are clear and believable. 
  • Connect to people who have experienced on that major to learn and understand more about it 
  • Try to ask to university for more details about your interesting major 
  • For researching should do before you come to the university 


2. Not sure with the future career 

         This is a big problem for students who love their major, but they do not know what they will become after graduation? And it is time that they miss their studying about major that they love. They might feel not clear and afraid of after graduation they do not have a specific job. All these things can happen before and during studying for the first time at university, but it will not become a problem anymore when they study in year 3 or year 4. However, it is better to archive when you study in 3 or 4 years, but you also need to prepare yourself first to be ready for this problem like: 

  • Find out about yourself what is your talent 
  • Practice what you like to do a lot 
  • Find out about the major that you love, like does it suites for you 
  • Research about company that need that major 

3. Family issues 

          Everyone always wants to have a family who can understand and support them when they need help, especially with what they want to do and what they love. It is difficult for them because they cannot choose a father or a mother to be born with. This is the reason that some people live with a family who always supports and encourages them, so it is not so difficult for them to ask for feedback from them. But when you are born with a family who has some people who are selfish or lake of knowledge it is so difficult for them when they want to do something, especially what is a new thing, or they just know, or what they never did before. They will force their children to do it or stop them. This is a big problem for students that can affect their studying journey and impact their mental health. It is also a reason that some students must drop their studies. 

If you stay in this situation, you might need some tips below: 

  • Try to explain them as much as possible 
  • Find someone who can help you to explain them about your work or project 
  • Show them about other achievements  
  • Show them about the development of some things that relate to that job 
  • Offer a big picture of that major with it network in the society 


4. Choose the wrong major by persuading of someone 

         As a general after we finish school, we always see some advertisement of some universities to promote their school to other students to join their university. Sometimes some students do not know what they must study, so they might be introduced to some major by sister, brother, or someone else who knows about some scholarship information. That is a time that students difficult to consider which university they should choose for their studying, and it is also time that students can fall into some scholarships that provide is not match with their hobby. That makes them study every day without knowing the major or clear understanding and some of them almost want to drop out. If you meet this problem, you should think about some solutions below: 

  • Collect all your opportunities and then check what is the most important thing that you need 
  • After that choose only one that you really love 
  • Provide priority to yourself first  
  • Make a clear condition on your decision 

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