Phnom Penh, March 12, 2022 – Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology has organized an Opening Ceremony for the new academic year 2021-2022 for the 8th Generation students held at the Conference Hall, Innovation Center of the Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology. The joyous opening ceremony is presided by H.E Dr. SENG Sopheap, President of Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology, and attended by the vice-president, lecturers, staff, and students, which makes this a memorable event.






H.E Dr. SENG Sopheap, President of Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology, shares his welcome speech to congrats students on their success in passing the national exam and choosing to study in the digital technology field. He overwhelmed that amidst the pandemic, the number of grade A students is increasing by stating that “As we see a flourishing demand of digital technology talents needed in all sectors, in this era choosing to study in digital technology is a right choice. Pandemic has pushed most businesses to digital, and it feels the need for technicals and experts specialized in digital technology. By selecting a specialized academy, students can expect a full-time class and extensive training in hard skills and soft skills. Students should establish a concrete foundation in English and prepare themselves in their learning endeavor for the next four years.”


H.E Dr. HEAN Samboeun, Vice-President of Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology state “As the school strives to produce an excellent training in digital technology skill for the student, our curriculum program revolved around blended-learning. Students learn hard skills with qualified lecturers, professionals, and experts across sectors. Soft skills provided through workshop and internship program. We guide the student to experience real projects with the 3-6 months internship program. In that way, students going to be fully equipped with both hard skills and soft skills after they graduate.


The ceremony has been held successfully under the efforts of management, lecturers, and students who all took part to make this event happen.


CADT hopes that this will mark a journey for students in their endeavor toward a digital technology world. We believe that the students will be striving to be pioneers, discoverers, and disruptors of the digital society in Cambodia and the world.

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