Phnom Penh, 21 August 2022, Student Team of the Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT), the Winner of the Cambodia Robocon 2022, represents Cambodia to​ join an online competition with other national winning teams from outstanding universities from 12 countries (Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, India, China, Hong Kong of China, Japan, Fiji, Mongolia, and Egypt ) to the ABU Asia-Pacific Contest (ABU Robocon) 2022, held in Delhi, India under the theme game, traditional Indian game “Lagori”.

If you are a student interested in technology and love with the creation of innovations you can check the website of CADT which will bring you a great experience of searching. One more thing there are lots of opportunities for you to get and learn with the knowledge of digital and technology at Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology.

Cambodia Team, represented by the Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology has broken the record to compete in the Semi-Final Stage (last 6-team of the tournament) for the first time by beating Malaysia’s team at a score of 65 vs. 45, and Fiji’s team at 65 vs 25. In the semi-final, Cambodia’s team was beaten by the hosting team (India) with a final score of 55 vs 75.

In 2022, Hong Kong won the Grand Prix of the ABU Asia-Pacific Contest (ABU Robocon) 2022 followed by Indonesia as the 1st Runner-up, and India and Nepal as the 2nd Runner-ups. In this year’s competition, Cambodia is granted the Special Award: Toyota Award.

Cambodia will host the ABU Asia-Pacific Contest (ABU Robocon) 2023, which will be held in August 2023, in Phnom Penh.

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