Some tips of studying for university students 

Reduce pressure on yourself 

As a student, you have a lot of work to do for your studies, for example, basic learning, assignments, homework, projects, quizzes, and exams. It makes you busy with all this work and sometimes you also get pressure from it, too. The complexity of your subjects, your procrastination on your work, your one-night policy, your lack of understanding, and so on. It really affects your studying and can become a reason that you feel stressed and almost want to lose your studying any time. So, to avoid these pressures you should do something to make yourself feel fresh and release stress. The first thing you need to do is start to think positively and clear your work.

Researching before class start 

When you join school, school always provides a course schedule for you to follow it. In the schedule has some subjects and days that you must study. According to the schedule you can do research on each subject to familiarize yourself with it and find out about what you want to know before you have class. Doing like this can make you closer to the subject and understand it before teachers or lecturers teach you. The benefit of it is that it helps you to cut down on complexity and some confusion in your studying journey. 

Be brave and confident in class 

After you have done your research at home, it is time for you to take the benefits from your lecturers at school. During studying what you need to know is you must have mediation on your studying, it means that you be able to concentrate on your studies well. When you can do like this your intuition is quiet and you will feel confident with what you learn and be brave to ask questions if you do not understand or miss understanding for any points. Just try to catch up with what lecturers have said and explain essentially and take note.  

Prepare schedule and to do list 

When you have learned some courses at school and lecturers might be provide some tasks for you to do you can prepare your work that you must to do in a list to set which task that you need to do first and the other is to do next, for this tip you might think about urgent/important matrix to make easier for you to prepare your work in to do list more efficiently. When you have a list of tasks, it makes you easy to perform and your work is managed.  

Practice your work  

Everything that you have prepared if you do not practice you will not get the result. So, practice in this means that what you have thought and preparing you must do it step by step. When you have plan you need to practice as much as possible, I know sometimes it might be had something happen to stop you from doing your tasks so, you should not allow it to stop your work at all just solve it and come back to do your work, this is the reason that led you to success. 

Have a clear & specific goal  

Having a clear and specific goal is the way that pushes you to go to your destination. Setting a goal is so important because it is like a drawing of road for your journey that you need to follow. If you set the right goal you can go to your destination without losing the way. You might wonder about how to set a clear goal and what a clear and specific goal should have? Infect setting goal, it depends on how much you want to make your goal specific and clear? If you want to adapt to a clear and specific goal, you should consider a SMART goal that shows you more detail about each step in the SMART process. 

If you want to know more details about this, just check out SMART goal on the internet! 

Set and follow deadline 

For all work, the deadline is particularly important part, because it affects the results and the performance of work. The reason that I think like this is because the deadline tells us about the finish day of project or plan that we have set. It helps to improve the progress of work day-by-day through reminding us of the deadlines. It also helps us to have a good habit for practice our work to be on time. 

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