When we talk about the champion, it is a medal for the best performance of working, competition, and so on. A person who gets the champion is a famous person that everyone knows and appreciates. Because of their commitment and effort can win another candidate in the competition or other work which is why they are suitable for getting this result. And this result is a part of their success on the journey that they go through, so it is really meaningful for them so much that can not indescribable. So it is a thing that everyone wants to achieve. For example, the Cambodian candidate in the Sea Game 2023 in Cambodia who win the gold medal for the nation.

This is our national pride​​ that is brought by the Cambodian people. But one more thing that is also important for our life from learning to become a champion. Using the word champion to practice your goal or life is important. Preparing your goal to get something is easy but the way to become a champion on your journey is not easy. But it is very necessary because when you think about the champion, it means that you set your goal or work on a  high level with specific tasks. This is the reason that you must learn to become a champion because it will bring you a high standard of your work.

Develop a winning mindset

If we think about a winning mindset, we can not go without setting goals. Setting a goal is the first step that can lead you to see the overview of your plan that you must practice. When you have a specific goal you feel confident in your journey because everything in your ideas, you have prepared. It can tell you how much you get the result, how long you should take for your goal, and when you start or finish. It makes you ready for your next tasks.

There is a slogan that said Win others are not great like winning yourself. Your thinking is powerful because the way that you think will give you the result of your thinking. The way that you think is the way that you practice also that is why you must have positive thinking to help improve your ideas and the power of thinking widely. So you need to learn about positive thinking that makes you have effective thinking for your journey.

When you already have positive thinking, it is time that you need to create virtualization techniques for processing your tasks. Practicing techniques that can help your work go smoothly is very good. Creating virtual techniques like using communication tools, working with online tools to design or collect data, and other work is very important that can help you achieve your goal quickly and safely by sharing with others too.

Polish you skills

        In this step, you have to identify your strength and weakness, because it is a thing that you can know yourself clearly and check your talent or ability for your future career. Try to learn and understand your strength and weakness, it is a way that you can improve your ability fit to your favorite things you love to do. You can find out about your strength by using some techniques that are used to be found and recognized by others in the world.

After you clearly know your strengths and weaknesses, you can practice your work consistently. Working without interruption or delay is good work ever because your work has the progress that you can observe day by day. Practicing your work consistency is a good habit for you because it teaches you to finish your work on time and have discipline for your life not just only work but also your daily life.

The next is seeking feedback from your coach or others that you think are good at your job. It is a part that can help you to fill the gap on your journey, anyway you can get lots of good ideas from them to improve your practicing and find the best way to proceed it. And after you got it your goal or work is better than before because you get lots of good ideas from the coach that have lots of experience with your work or goal.  To be continued…