My Life as a Student  at CADT (EP 2)

Every day at CADT is always my day one. What did I mean by saying this? Well, it means I am enjoying my academic life at this university. Since the school is quite far from my home, I need to rush every morning. I normally wake up at 7:00 AM, take a shower and do some exercise for a little while to keep myself in shape and healthy. Breakfast gives me a lot of energy which is the main reason why I never skip it at all. Usually, my first class starts at 8:30 AM, so I often arrive at school before that at least 30 minutes.

As Cambodian citizens, we always rise for our national anthem every day at 8:15 AM. Frequently, in the morning I have a physical three-hour session of studying. And we also have another two or three-hour blended class in the afternoon session. This schedule varies every term depending on our lecturer’s availability to teach us. We study full-time, but it doesn’t apply to all days. Sometimes, we just have only a morning session and then we are done. Every Wednesday, the school invites skillful and talented speakers from different industries and sectors and opens a seminar for us to participate in. It is wonderful extra class learning for us to explore new things every week including technology and business fields.

I would say my university journey is not boring at all because I got a chance to meet interesting and supportive lecturers. Even though I may receive plenty of assignments from them. However, all those works enhance my ability, and skill and sharpen me to be ready for my future career. Furthermore, I am blessed to have a lot of helpful and outgoing classmates. Whenever I have any uncertainties about the lessons, they are always there to figure out my problems. And we do this and vice versa. They exactly make my life at the university even more meaningful and unforgettable. What I notice about students at CADT including my friends is that we do not waste our spare time doing useless things. In our free time, we properly invest it to keep on research, finish homework and revise the lessons.

These actions inspire me to do my best every day because everyone seems to challenge themselves to further their skill development. Even though I have been studying for more than one year, I can see many positive sides to this school. Hopefully, after graduating from here, I will have a strong capacity to get a good job. 

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